Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, is the technology that enables computer software to emulate and integrate actions typically performed by human interacting with digital systems.


The computer software that executes the operations is called a “robots or bots.” RPA bots are able to capture data, run applications, trigger responses and communicate with other systems. RPA primarily targets processes which are highly manual, repetitive, rule-based, with low exceptions rate and standard electronic readable input.

RPA solutions can be thought of as virtual robotic workforces, whose operational management is made by the business line (only supported by IT), just like for a human workforce.

The true value of RPA is it creates a partnership in which the robot and the human are using their unique skills.

Some of the highlights of robotic process automation for your business process

 •  Bot’s are small and simple software program to complete sequence of accurate and quick
    digital tasks
 •  Bots can be programmed to use to interface and work with your existing software application
 •  No Changes in your existing technology infrastructure needed

Chatbots an interactive software program can provide a natural, conversational, interactive, and simplified interface for users. Chatbots within in the robotic process automation framework complement human and machine to interact and support any level of business and process complexity.

This unified approach of combining AI-powered chatbots with the business processes can help organizations unlock value in the following key areas.

 •  Increasing workforce productivity
 •  Transforming the user interface
 •  Adding intelligence to transactions
 •  Transforming customer service

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